Nick Takes a Bite of the Big Apple

Having a creative director as a mom is a mixed blessing.

Everything becomes AN EXPERIENCE!

So when Lori suggested that she and Nick go to New York for spring break, I went into overdrive. Not only would I design “fully-immersive and integrated pre-event activities”, I would create an “original and compelling narrative” that would allow off-site participants (me!) to share the experience.  We were supposed to travel as a family last August, but Olivia’s arrival (hurray!) kiboshed that plan.

First, Nick had to know where New York was in relation to Chicago.

No problem.  I’ll just put up this children’s US map…and this children’s world map…and these postcards…and this twine…


Second, Nick had to see what New York looked like.  Since we’re huge book lovers – vintage preferred – we started reading Miroslav Sasek’s This is New York.  And wouldn’t you know it – Sasek wrote a whole series of “This is” destination books that I can use to plan our trips here and abroad (dream BIG…keep dreaming BIG).

Finally, Nick had to feel New York., and what better way than thru music? A city-themed playlist loaded onto his iPad would do the trick, but I had to preview all of the songs first.  New York seems to have inspired a lot of singers, but golly-gee-willickers, they sure like their swear words and moody lyrics.

1. New York, New York – On the Town, Original Cast

2. NYC – Annie, Original Cast

3. Manhattan – Ella Fitzgerald

4. Give My Regards to Broadway – James Cagney

5.  On Broadway – George Benson

6. Rhapsody in Blue – Leonard Bernstein

7. New York, New York – Frank Sinatra

8. New York on Sunday – Bobby Darin

10. Here in New York City – Postcards from Buster*

*kiddie pop is not my fav genre, but I had to throw Nick an aural bone. The Chuck-E-Cheese CD that comes with every casino-homage-masquerading-as-birthday party is one of his favorites.  Grrr….

Bonus – capturing the youtube videos using KeepVid since he’s a visual learner.

One of the things that we’re always telling Nick is that he has to know when to stop – seems to be a popular with kindergarten parents.  So I didn’t start making NY-themed meals or decorating his room with NY-theme paraphernalia, even though I was tempted.  At some point, I had to let go.

He had to have his own experience, rather than experience my own.

Safe travels, kiddo.

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