A poem for my son on the eve of his 1,826th day

Poem Addressing Boys, Age 5

This poem can turn invisible and it can beat up bad guys! When people

read this poem, it is like a laser shooting bad guys right in the stomach!

This poem knocks bad guys on their bottoms! And if you need a force

field you can get one from Dr. Defense who lives in this poem and

makes a number of bad-guy-fighting tool and weapons. Sometimes

giant robot bad guys try to kill this poem by bopping it on the head,

but this poem doesn’t allow that and sends ninjas and wizards out to

reverse time and destroy the robots. Dr. Defense jumps up and kicks

everyone in the face and he, like, flies through a window and then, like,

this poem explodes!

From Four “Addresses” by Peter Davis

In Nick’s 5th year, we read this almost nightly.

I wonder what poetic discoveries lie ahead…

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