What Makes Me Tick


On the eve of my 43rd birthday, I thought it would be fun to share 43 facts about me.

1. I grew up on Doctor Who. It shaped the proud geek I am today.

2. My children are the most important people in my life.

3. I learned #2 from my parents. (Thanks mom and dad!)

4. I wish I had an accent, so that when I tell people I’m from Trinidad they don’t think I’m just making it up.

5. I get most of my story ideas on the way to client meetings.

6. I get up at 5 every day because it’s the only time the house is quiet.

7. I can keep grudges for a very long time. It’s something I’m working on.

8. I skipped 2nd grade and went to college at 16. My parents regret the choice, but I think it’s better to be forced to swim rather than wade thru boredom.

9. In 3rd grade I decided to read my way thru the YA SF section.

10. I hope at least one of my kids will be a Doctor Who fan. It’s looking pretty slim.

11. In law school, I was voted “least likely to be seen in the building.” I was not there to receive the award.

12. I wish I had attended Montessori longer.

13. I knew Lori was “the one” even before I knew her name.

14. Sometimes houses talk to me. It’s rude not to answer them.

15. The song “Loving You” will make me cry every single time.

16. I am a terrible procrastinator.

17. My thinking face looks like a scowl. It’s something I have to warn clients about.

18. My pet peeve is hypocrisy.

19. My greatest fear is irrelevance. It is the inverse of my strength.

20. I once called Greta Garbo’s apartment. She did not answer.

21. Movies like World War Z terrify me, not because of the zombies, but because I can’t imagine how my kids would fare in such situations.

22. My idea of the perfect day is sitting in the library…for hours.

23. If I could do it again, I would be an elementary school teacher.

24. I’m pretty sure I ruined my eyes watching late-night TV in my bedroom. I covered the top and sides with my pillows and watched thru a tiny opening so the flickering wouldn’t get my parents’ attention.

25. I have a weakness for British accents.  See #1.

26. My dream is to live abroad for a month every year with the family.

27. My other dream is to adopt as many children as need homes.

28. I can find anything in my house blindfolded. I am that anal.

29. My favorite book is Hope for the Flowers. A teacher read it to me when I was 7.

30. I really don’t like the outdoors.

31. My favorite short story is “Exhalation” by Ted Chiang.

32. Occasionally, the future shares itself with me. This happened more frequently when I was a kid.

33. I smile a lot when I’m ticked.

34. I watched the house we live in for 2 years before it officially went on the market.

35. I truly believe I am at least 5’6, and am surprised when I can’t reach things.

36. My go-to jam is a mix of 80’s TV themes.

37. I would like to faint at the sight of blood, but my dislike of showing weakness overrides it.

38. I love the high that comes from fasting.

39. My favorite movie is Green Card. Yeah, it really is.

40. I wasn’t afraid of vampires until Blacula came out.

41. Boiling water in the microwave is the extent of my cooking prowess.

42. I hope there is life on other planets.

43. I am a very private person.

9 thoughts on “What Makes Me Tick

  1. I am thrilled to know you better after reading this. I, too, can find anything in my house blindfolded and have actually demonstrated (to prove a point to my husband who can find NOTHING).

  2. Nadine, very cool!!! Happy Belated BDay eve!! I also believe # 23 is still possible and #26 would be absolutely amazing to do!!! a Enjoy the weekend!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Sorry for typos, sent from my phone and I swear I did not type belated . Don’t know where that came from. Lol

    Sent from my iPhone


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