Help Us Adopt A Baby

“There are lots of different ways to make a family. It just takes love.”

Lori and I are having so much fun parenting our enthusiastic and energetic kids that we’ve started the process to add 1 more.

Our agency is:

Agency: Adoption Center for Family Building, Skokie, IL

We have a toll-free number and email address if families want to contact us directly:


Please consider forwarding this post to friends…family…acquaintances…neighbors…

Even if you don’t know someone directly, someone in your circle might.

You never know how your children will find you, but inevitably they do. ;-)



We’re Nadine and Lori, parents to 3 and ready for more – more laughter, more stories, more hugs, and more LOVE! We always knew we wanted children, but we didn’t realize how much we’d love it.

Our son Nick was adopted in 2006. We loved being parents so much that we decided to adopt again…and again…and again…

We adopted our son Gabriel in 2010. Nick was very excited to be a big brother! And we were thrilled to have another bundle to love! In 2011, we adopted our daughter Olivia. The boys love having a little sister!

Now we’re ready to add another little one to our family!

We truly believe it was destiny that Nick, Gabriel and Olivia came into our lives and us into theirs. We believe that each child is unique and has his or her own special talents. Our role as parents is to nurture these talents – whatever they might be – so that they can discover their own interests.

Our dream for our children is that they will be good citizens of the world – honest, caring, and strong of heart, spirit, and mind.

Find out more about us – how we became a family, how we have fun, how many people will love this new baby.

And how we’ll define an open adoption – together.


    • Met in college
    • Have been together 20 years
    • Run a very successful production company from our home


When I found out Nadine was in law school, I thought “finally, I’ve met someone outside the theatre department.”


Then I found out she wanted to be an actor…a director…a writer…and study law.

The great thing was she actually could do it all. She definitely has a flair the dramatic…every day.

For our second date, she showed up at my house completely soaked from riding through a rainstorm because I mentioned in passing that I had a taste for canned pears.

I opened my door to find her dripping wet – fogged glasses and soaked jeans – with a can of pears in her hand.

That’s our relationship – she’s always full of surprises.

To see her mind at work is truly amazing. You name it, she’s read it, heard about it, seen it or knows where to find it. She just knows how to pull things together and make them art.

Fun Facts:

  • Was a lawyer; is now a full-time writer
  • Has won awards for storytelling
  • Ran track in college; played B-Ball in law school
  • Likes to refinish furniture
  • Has 1 brother and 1 sister
  • Words to describe: Funny, Creative, Smart


  • Food – PIZZA!!
  • TV Shows – Modern Family, Black-ish, The Fosters
  • Movies – The Matrix, Love & Basketball
  • Book – Blacks by Gwendolyn Brooks
  • Activities – Reading, Piano, Biking
  • Place – The library


The first time I saw Lori I knew I would spend the rest of my life with her.It was her smile that did it –warm and a little shy – just like her.

I called all of my friends that night to let them know I’d met “The One.” I even made a note in my journal (which I still have).

loriShe is an AMAZING cook and she really loves food – loves to buy it, grow it, cook it, and serve it.

So whenever she is in the kitchen, it’s a full production, from stewing the tomatoes, to crushing the garlic, to picking just the right blend of spices from the garden to bring all of the flavors together.

She makes magic.

She’s “the quiet one” in the relationship – the one who keeps the calm and carries on. That’s why people rely on her – co-workers, friends, and of course, her family.

Because she is always planning the path ahead.

Fun Facts:

  • Plans meetings for large companies
  • Has won awards for theatre design from the Black Theatre Alliance
  • Grows fresh vegetables for the neighborhood
  • Can fix anything mechanical
  • Has 3 sisters
  • Words to describe: Handy, Organized, Caring


  • Food – HOT DOGS!
  • TV Shows – Top Chef, The Simpsons
  • Movies – Mary Poppins, Toy Story
  • Book – The French Chef by Julia Child
  • Activities – Cooking, Photography, Kayaking
  • Place – Our backyard


 Fun Facts:Nick

    • Age 9
    • Excited to be a BIG BROTHER again
    • Words to describe: Active, Outgoing, Imaginative


  • Food – RIBS! (The messier the better!)
  • TV Shows – Magic School Bus and Wild Kratts
  • Movies – Rio, How to Train Your Dragon, The Lego Movie
  • Book – DK Nature Encyclopedia
  • Activities – Field Hockey, Swimming, Basketball
  • Place – The Shedd Aquarium


Fun Facts:Gabe 2

  • Age 5
  • Always has room for seconds
  • Words to describe: Talkative, Funny, Creative


  • Food – Whatever you’re eating (HE WANTS IT!)
  • TV Shows – WordWorld, Curious George
  • Book – The Adventures of SpiderMan
  • Activities – Swimming, Drawing, Singing
  • Place – Anywhere NICK is


Fun Facts:Olivia2

  • Age 4
  • Loves MUSIC, FOOD and BOOKS
  • If there’s music playing, she’s DANCING!
  • Words to describe: Sweet, Chatty, Cuddly


  • Food – Oatmeal and Eggs
  • TV Shows – Go, Diego, Go
  • Book – A Year with Frog and Toad
  • Activities – Climbing, Singing, Painting
  • Place – At the piano


  • Dinner with Grandparents every Friday
  • Homemade pancakes every Saturday
  • Cookies for Santa (carrots for reindeer)
  • A birthday party AND an adoption party
  • 4th of July BBQ and Fireworks
  • S’mores in the summer
  • Thanksgiving Dinner with 100 people
  • Sledding on New Year’s Day


We’re an untraditional family in a very traditional home.

  • 4 bedroomshome
  • Large, sunny rooms
  • HUGE backyard – great for BBQ’s
  • Lots of trees – great for CLIMBING
  • Close to FAMILY
  • A few blocks from THE BEACH

Our neighborhood is GREAT! We can walk EVERYWHERE…to the park, zoo, church, school and store.

  • North side of Chicago
  • 15 parks
  • An ice-skating rink
  • A children’s zoo
  • A children’s theatre
  • Great schools

Thanks for spending time with us! We hope to meet you one day.

Please call our adoption counselor, Tobi Ehrenpreis at 800-869-1005
or contact us directly at 1-888-430-4635 or!

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